M800 SMS

Send text messages around the world at very competitive rates using M800’s Web SMS or SMS API (SMPP or REST HTTPS).

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Service Highlights

Flexible Pricing Model

Take advantage of our exclusive Pay-As-You-Go package. You only get charged when you use the service. Get huge savings with our flexible monthly subscription packages at very competitive rates.

Global Coverage

We have direct access to telecom operators and carriers around the world. Let us do the heavy lifting with network infrastructure so that you can solely focus on communicating with your customers anywhere, anytime.

High Delivery Rates

We promise to send your text messages at a high delivery rate. Our Network Operation Center monitors your traffic 24/7 to ensure that your messages are delivered with the most efficient and effective route possible.

Full Service Visibility

Gain insights to your customer's behavior through statistics from the M800 dashboard. Track your SMS usage and spending directly from your dashboard. Update your pricing plan on the fly to meet your demands.

How it works?

M800 SMS


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300per month


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Higher plans have lower rates per-message.

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